Light consistency

Light consistency is ensured by special narrow binning of LEDs to 4 MacAdam ellipse and checked in every batch by the in-house Optical Integrating Spheres.

Light quality

All warm white LEDs used by REIZ have a typical CRI of 85 and a typical CRI of 75 for neutral and cool white. This ensures high quality light and true colour renditions which are important for most indoor applications.

Light efficiency

High quality LEDs from the world leaders Nichia and Cree ensure that the LEDs of 150 lumens per watt are used at REIZ, leading to overall efficacy of luminaires of 105 lumens per watt in cool white colour.


A wide range of REIZ dimmable LED drivers with high power factor and very low THD are available in the following dimming protocols:

A  1-10v Analogue dimming

B  PWM dimming

C  Switch dimming

D  Triac dimming

E  DMX dimming used for RGBW

F  DALI dimming for intelligent building management